Yasmine Unicorn Best Mate

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Product Overview

"Yasmine Unicorn doesn't conform &

Loves glitter in her hair

She's looking for a girl

To dance and twirl &

Always willing to share" 

O.B. Designs' "Best Mates Collection" has been created with older children in mind.  Like all of us, children sometimes feel lonely and need to cuddle. They have good days and bad days. The "Best Mates Collection" will be there for them as that special toy they hold onto throughout their childhood years.  

Each toy features a more detailed design and longer fabrics than our infant toy range. They come with two charms "One for me and one for you". Much like a heart locket, these charms can be attached to a backpack, necklace or friendship bracelet. 

Best Mate toys have been thoroughly "kid tested" for cuteness, huggability and snuggle factor! As always, the kids were brutally honest and only the best made the cut. The kids also named and created each character's poem 

Safety Tested for Children 3+ years


(No reviews yet) Write a Review
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