Connetix Tiles and their Developmental Benefits

Posted by Melissa @sweet.little.adventures on 23rd Aug 2020

Connetix Tiles and their Developmental Benefits

Connetix Tiles and their Developmental Benefits

Connetix Tiles are a wonderful open-ended toy that not only enhance imagination and learning, but also grow with the child as their understanding of concepts develop and change. Connetix Tiles provide endless possibilities for learning, with the only real restriction being your child’s imagination.

Connetix Tiles are designed in Australia and are made made using non-toxic ABS plastic that is BPA and Phthalate free. They are manufactured using ultrasonic welding and rivets so you know that the magnets contained within are firm and secure, giving you peace of mind when your little one is playing with them.

As Connetix Tiles are such a wonderful open-ended toy, the developmental and learning possibilities for them are plentiful. The way in which they assist in children’s learning, development and play will change evolve with your child as their understanding, learning and developmental needs grow and change.

Connetix Tiles allow children to work on numerous developmental skills as they play, explore and build a better understanding of how the tiles join and work together. Here some examples of how Connetix Tiles aide a child’s development.


Fine motor skills:

Fine motor skills are the ability to make controlled movements using the small muscles in our hands, fingers and wrists. Connetix are a great toy for developing this skill. While the strong magnets in Connetix join together easily, they still encourage fine motor development as children manipulate and manoeuvre the tiles into position which requires precise placement. Further, children will often hold the tiles in a pincer grasp as they line up the magnets. This encourages and aids with the strengthening the muscles in their hands. Developing this type of grip is vital for many fine motor tasks and writing at school.

Hand eye coordination:

Hand eye coordination is the ability to complete tasks that require simultaneous use of the hands and eyes. Through using Connetix, children are given the opportunity to explore and work on their hand eye coordination, as to join the tiles the children must identify where the magnets are and then use their hands to guide the magnets together. Also, as the structures the children are building become more complex, they need to really hone in on their hand eye coordination skills to carefully manipulate the pieces into place without knocking over other elements of the structure.

Problem solving:

Problem solving is the ability to solve problems in an effective and timely manner. This is a skill that we want every child to develop. Connetix provide a great opportunity for children to develop this skill in a fun and engaging way. Even before they start building, children are faced with the problem of that they are going to build. Once they have decided what to build, then children must move onto the what is it going to look like and how they are going to achieve this. Using Connetix therefore constantly challenges children of all ages and encourages them to continue to develop their problem solving thought process.

Connetix also presents other challenges to children that require them to think on their feet. These challenges when building can include what the child must do to prevent their structure collapsing, or how to make new shapes (eg using 2 right angled triangles to make a square) once they have run out of the particular shape they require. Connetix is one of those toys that are not only great fun to play with, but constantly challenges young minds as they need to come up with new ways to resolve different problems that arise.


Perseverance is facing a challenge and using one's mind and/or body to overcome that identified challenge. Connetix a a great tool for children and adults to work on the skill of perseverance, particularly as the tiles will collapse when not supported properly or if too much pressure is on them. Therefore when playing with Connetix, children are often required to preserver over and over again as they work on their envisioned structure until they can achieve their desired outcome.


As described above, Connetix are not only a wonderful open ended toy, but also provide children with the opportunity to work on and further enhance a number of developmental areas. Connetix are a must have toy in every toy room and will be enjoyed by both children and adults alike!

Stay tuned for a new blog coming soon that looks at ways to play and learn with Connetix.

By Melissa @sweet.little.adventures

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