About Us

Hello and Welcome to Somewhere Toys where we believe in 'Less Toys, More Play'.


My name is Kate and I come from a teaching background with over 12 years experience, my passion for toys has come from playing with my daughter. When thinking about play one of my guiding ideas has been to encourage my daughter's exploration of her environment and to provide natural opportunities to learn through play. 

As a family we feel it is important to make sustainable choices where possible. When selecting toys for our daughter we look for toys that look great, are durable, provide opportunities for physical and cognitive development and encourage creative thinking. We love toys that can be played with in many ways. Having less toys in our house helps us live with balance, but having the open-ended toys means more opportunities for play.

At Somewhere Toys we have tested our products with our own family and can wholeheartedly recommend all the toys we stock. We have experienced first hand the joy for both ourselves and our daughter when she discovers something new or conquers a skill she has been practicing. It might be a new use for the arches of a rainbow, tucking a doll into bed, stacking blocks for the first time, finding a new way to sort items or the enjoyment of sensory or tactile play. We love that our child is learning every day without even knowing it.

We would love to help provide hours of fun, engaged and interactive play for you and your child. Our aim is to provide "LESS TOYS AND MORE PLAY" using our quality and open-ended toys.


(Wife to John and mum to our 3 old daughter and 1 year old son.)




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